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Private Inquiries thumbnail
Private Inquiries eAudiobook
Caitlin Davies / Annie Aldington

The female private detective has been a staple of popular culture for over 150 years. But what about..

How to Survive History thumbnail
How to Survive History eAudiobook
Cody Cassidy / Nathan Adams Stark

In each chapter of How to Survive History Cody Cassidy explores how to survive one of history's grea..

A Year In Tibet thumbnail
A Year In Tibet eBook
Sun Shuyun

'A Year in Tibet' follows the author as she lives for eighteen months in a remote village in Tibet. ..

Blood Sisters thumbnail
Blood Sisters eBook
Sarah Gristwood

The true story of the White Queen and more, this is a thrilling history of the extraordinary noblewo..

Americans in Paris: Life and Death under Nazi Occupation 194 thumbnail
Americans in Paris: Life and Death under Nazi Occupation 194 eBook
Charles Glass

An elegantly written and highly informative account of a group of Americans living in Paris when the..

Chocolate Wars: From Cadbury to Kraft: 200 years of Sweet Su thumbnail
Chocolate Wars: From Cadbury to Kraft: 200 years of Sweet Su eBook
Deborah Cadbury

The delicious true story of the early chocolate pioneers by the award-winning writer, and direct des..

Twentieth-Century Ireland thumbnail
Twentieth-Century Ireland eBook
Dermot Keogh

The book focuses on the consolidation of the new Irish state over the course of the twentieth centur..

Codebreaker thumbnail
Codebreaker eBook
Marc McMenamin

When Richard Hayes, a gifted polymath and cryptographer, was drafted by Irish intelligence services ..

Our Village Ancestors thumbnail
Our Village Ancestors eBook
Helen Osborn

This book will be a source of help for anybody researching their farming and countryside ancestors i..

The Day Peace Broke Out thumbnail
The Day Peace Broke Out eBook
Mike Brown

At 3 p.m. on 8 May 1945, Prime Minister Winston Churchill made a long-awaited speech in which he off..

Poisonous Lies thumbnail
Poisonous Lies eBook
Diane Janes

In suburban Croydon over a period of ten months durin 1928-9, three members of the same family died ..

Never Mind the Toffees thumbnail
Never Mind the Toffees eBook
Gavin Buckland

From top scorers to lowest crowds, highesst appearance makers to one-hit wonders, this Ultimate quiz..

The Medieval Christmas thumbnail
The Medieval Christmas eBook
Sophie Jackson

Medieval Christmas - roaring fires, Yule logs, boar's head on a platter and carols. So many of our b..

The Samurai thumbnail
The Samurai eBook
Ben Hubbard

The true nature of the samurai warrior is an elusive and endlessly fascinating enigma for those in t..

Scottish Urban Myths and Ancient Legends thumbnail
Scottish Urban Myths and Ancient Legends eBook
Grace Banks

Monsters, lunatics, vampires, werewolves and evil dolls, stones entombing bodies, faces appearing in..